More information on the photographs

Morse key to the left of the title

The photograph at the top left is of a Nye 320-001 Morse key owned by Dennis Franklin, amateur radio callsign K6DF.  Dennis enjoys collecting Morse keys and there are more photographs from his collection on his website.

Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail

The photograph of Samuel Morse was taken in 1850.  The photograph of Alfred Vail is believed to have been taken when he was aged 45.

A semi-automatic (“bug”) key

The photograph is of a Vibroplex semi-automatic ("bug") key.  The design, first patented in 1904, is still manufactured today.

Signal lamp

The photograph, taken in 2005, shows the USA Navy's Quartermaster 2nd Class Tony Evans sending Morse code using a signal lamp from aboard the ship USS Blue Ridge.

Morse code radio

The tiny radio is one of the Small Wonder Labs Rockmite series Morse code combined transmitter and receiver ("transceiver").  It transmits around the same amount of energy as a small torch (half a Watt).